Kimi Raikkonen has hit the circuits and is now testing the F2007 car. But that’s hardly the main news… the big issue is that Australian Mark Webber has expressed sympathy for Raikkonen. Why?

Because Schumi just won’t leave. And no, he isn’t returning to F1, but just hanging around as ‘super assistant’ to Jean Todt.

“It’s odd having him (Schumacher) at the tests, I think – really odd,” Webber told ITV.

“It’s like having your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend there. Kimi must go ‘what the f***?’

“It must feel so strange to have the teacher’s pet standing above you while you are trying to get on with your own new programme. Suffocation or what?”

Hm. So do you think it will be Kimi driving this season or it will be Schumi ‘ghost driving’?