Hiding money

I admit I have never thought of this but now that I do wonder, what is the best place to hide money to keep it away from a burglar? Here is an interesting conversation with a burglar that gives you a peek into their mind about where they may look for money in your house. The biggest takeaway from the conversation: Banks are the safest! For anywhere else, burglars would find it.

It doesn’t matter how clever you think you are or where you hide it in your house, if I have enough time, I would be able to find where you stash your valuables

If you have a lot of money that would like to keep safe, this is a must read. Or just give me some of it and I’ll keep it safe!



4 Replies to “Hiding money”

  1. Am i glad I have one less problem to worry about 🙂
    Dont know why but this reminded me ofreading a news article several years back that the IT dept found of all the things the Indian Post Office issued “Indira Vikas Patras” stashed away and hidden in Urmila Matondkars house!

  2. Hey Aditya…
    Didn’t know you blog. Shiv – the ex-yahoo dude gave me the link sometime back…checking it only now. Just in case you didn’t know…I am the new wine in the old bottle…if you know what I mean!

  3. Illuminating!!! Seems to make sense now…. parents hiding valuables in the shoe rack or in the pockets of soiled clothes in the laundry basket 🙂 Just hope that if I were to emulate, I’d remember to retrieve it before I did the laundry 😀

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