Bermuda suffer for Bangla success!

You have to feel bad for the Bermudians. A semi-professional team, they were out to have fun in their match against India and ended up getting slaughtered at the hands of the top order. If Sehwag’s 87-ball hundred (114) was not enough, Yuvraj came in and enjoyed a veritable six-fest! 7 sixes in his innings to go with 4 for Tendulkar, three for Sehwag and two for Ganguly. Even Dravid smacked one off the last ball!

India’s 413/5 is the highest ever World Cup score and losing this match is not even a question. But India needs to win by a margin of more than 250 to stay ahead in the net run-rate game. Eventually, though, they will need to beat Sri Lanka.

The Bermuda team has been terrific in their conduct and they really enjoyed what they were doing. Two stunning catches, one by Leverock and the other by Tucker were about as good as it gets. Incredible stuff. Just the bowling could not keep the pressure on.

I know it’s early, but on to Sri Lanka. Thank you Bermuda!

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