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India is perhaps one of the very few markets in the world where newspapers are flourishing. That, unfortunately, has more to do with lack of Internet access (for whatever reason) than the quality of journalism in our newspapers. And by no means is the future of the newspaper industry half as good as it was in the past or it is at present.

In this list of "10 obvious things about the future of newspapers…", Ryan Sholin notes some makes some rather pertinent points. Especially #10:

THE GLASS IS HALF FULL. There is excellent work being done in the new world of online journalism and it’s being done at newspapers like the Washington Post and the Lawrence Journal-World and the San Jose Mercury News and the St. Petersburg Times and the Bakersfield Californian and all sorts of papers of all sizes. You don’t need millions of dollars or HD cameras or years of training to make it happen; all you need is the right frame of mind. So let’s stop writing and groaning about how things used to be different, and let’s start building our own piece of the new world of newspapers brick by brick, story by story.

So the question now is whether Indian newspapers will wait until they reach a point like some of their western counterparts have (where subscription is dwindling and they are not yet pro-online-presence yet) or will they (and should they) start concentrating on a parallel online existence as well. Not just the replication of their print versions. To their credit, there are some that are already doing this but as always, there is much more that is possible.

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