Bangalore vs Pune

No, no… this isn’t one of those “my city is better than yours” posts. I love both cities. I know Pune better, but I simply love Bangalore. The one year I spent there was brilliant. It is strange that I chose Bangalore to make one of the most monumental career decisions ever. Quit my job and go ‘entrepreneur’.

But this post on Bengalooru Banter reminds me of Bangalore the way I loved it. Those small lanes around Ulsoor opening up into the nice leafy 100ft Road of Indira Nagar and the chaotic, yet resourceful CMH Road.

All that post has done is throw up predicament. I must make another trip to Bangalore. And not one of those flying visits like I had in January.



3 Replies to “Bangalore vs Pune”

  1. The review is ok. But according to the current situation in Maharashtra, i would like to know if it is safe to go there and work. I am leaving my project in bangalore and am in a fix if i should go to pune if i get a project there. I generally like pune since i have done my studies there but am in a fix if now it is suitable for a south indian to go and settle there.
    Please advice.

  2. Dont worry its safe,there is not at all any problem of is like as other cities of india.

    But it is much more costlier than Bangalore.And pune is not hygenic as Bangalore.

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