Procrastinations, predicaments and premier pain!

Right. So today’s the day. When everything will change. The whole world will come to a standstill. And there shall be ‘Karmayudh’. The world has been waiting. The cricketers can’t wait anymore. To start making their millions that is. And the fans are also waiting with bated breath. Still trying to get over the amount of money that’s been thrown around (or is it thrown away?).

So who are you supporting? I have no clue. I still don’t know who’s playing for which team. And I still don’t have a good enough reason to support anyone. I mean… I want to support Dravid, but then there’s Tendulkar and of course, MSD. It’s much easier when all three wear the same jersey and play for one team. But now that they will be on opposite sides, who do I back? Jeez! Cricket was supposed to be complex, but only on the field!

So now, while I continue to mull and procrastinate my choice of team to support basis the players, I thought another approach could be the team names. Interesting monikers each one has, no? There’s the Indians, the Chargers, the Daredevils, the Royals, the Royal Challengers (huh? do they consider only Rajasthan as competition?), the Knight Riders (what does that mean, anyways?), Super Kings (super and kings. hm.) and the Kings XI Punjab (a subset of the Chennai team?). After perusing this information, I am no closer to a decision. I like the ‘Indians’ and the ‘Chargers’… both has a certain positiveness about them. But the Daredevils, Royals, the challengers of the Royals, all the Kings men and XI and the super duper Kings sound like wannabes. I don’t even want to get to the Knight Riders.

So I decided to check out the promos of each of these teams and thought maybe that could sway me. I wish I hadn’t. Watched. I didn’t sway anyways. I was uprooted. Such poverty in creativity. Tsk. And why does each team need a film star? Aren’t our cricketers starry enough? At the moment, the Bollywood star shine is so blinding, I can’t see the cricketers. So maybe I needed to choose a team to support based on the film stars that form the outer crust. There’s a thought. So Akshay Kumar endorsed the Delhi guys, right? But I don’t like their moniker. And while I like the Mumbai team’s player and their moniker, I am not too much of a fan of Hrithik Roshan. Which leaves me with Chargers (I like the name, remember?) but I am not too fond of their team.

Which brings me back to my predicament. The one I started with. Only, I seem to have compounded it. Or is everyone feeling this way? Maybe I should watch the first round of matches and then decide? Let’s just hope Mandira dear isn’t on SET Max. Aaargh! That would be a nightmare.

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