Just another working day. Not.

Pune is one of those cities that refuses to grow up. Despite routinely being among India’s top ten cities, it just can’t grow out of the shadow of Mumbai. One pitfall of this is that power and other facilities are not always available on priority to Punekars. One gets used to it eventually, though. Let me add that it was far worse in Bangalore with power cuts almost every day.

Which brings me to my point. It was a day of power cuts across the city. So no power at home or at office. And in such a case, it’s best to line up a few meetings and get that out of the way. So I did. Only, near the venue of my meeting, an impromptu morcha was organised. I don’t know who organised it or why. I just know that it caused a helluva lot of inconvenience. Just a casual question to the organisers of the disruption: Why on an arterial road in the middle of a work day? Why not on a ground or an auditorium? And I don’t ask just because I had to walk about a kilometre in 38 degrees on a May afternoon. Hell, no. God knows I need the exercise. I was just asking, you know.

Silly question, says my cynical self. It’s obviously to show others what their suffering is. From what I overheard, the issues being raised by a nondescript, almost invisible speaker ranged from power cuts (sick no sic!) to jobs to accidents on the road where the underprivileged suffered. And all this, if I am not mistaken, happened under a red banner that somehow to me signified workers.

That’s their way of passing time during a power cut. Maybe next time, I’ll gather a few hundred friends and have a party on the road. Maybe I should have got the number of their truck-size generator provider…

And if you’re still wondering, no work happened. A pile of emails beckons. Which also makes me wonder why I am writing this…



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