What’s up with Tata Sky?

When the whole DTH thing got underway, one thought things were supposed to get easier. The power of choice for the consumer was the biggest bonus for consumers. Alas and alak, that seems like a smokescreen. I know that I, for one, was keen on moving on to the Tata-Sky platform asap and did fight a fair bit for it too! But now, I am having second thoughts.

Initially, it was all clear. I chose a package I wanted and all was well. Regular subscription was paid and I didn’t have to face my cable operator and fight about missing channels every month. But now, Tata-Sky has suddenly decided that I would be better off subscribing to sports channel as a separate package. Er… ok, if you say so.

But their own ‘partners’ aren’t too pleased with this move. So when they announced a new package that helps entry-users, I am left wondering whether anyone at all is thinking about the existing users. Evidently not. As the ad shows, I am now paying more for the same channels than before and that, after a price cut.

Tata Sky

Another question I have is what happens to the money I had already paid for my base package… I had paid at the rate of about Rs 340 per month. But now, that package costs Rs 300 and some channels from it are missing. So was the money credited into my account? No. So effectively, I am paying double for the same package now.

And now, with the Delhi High Court intervening, Tata-Sky has said that it would revert to the earlier package which again brings the question what happens to my Rs 40 + Rs 40 (the one I paid to get the Sports Platinum package)? Do I get it back? I doubt it.

Maybe my cable operator wasn’t such a bad bloke after all… “I’m sorry mate… listen… dude… we can talk this over… “



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  1. Well, I guess tata-sky has been singled out for no reason. Dish is known for similar tactics too!

  2. Maybe it was bad timing and bad PR by them… or perhaps opportunistic advertising by Dish… and to be fair to Tata-Sky, they have returned Rs 19.88 last week!

  3. Yes, I agree with your point. But comparing all the services together, tata sky does appear to be better off. Dish TV has very bad customer service and big tv has too bad STB. Airtel Digital has increased its prices. So lets see how packages work out in future.

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