iPhone to be beyond most people’s reach

Contact me if you want to buy an unlocked iPhone for the prices announced are astronomical to say the least.

As my favourite humor writer (and now tech as it seems!) points out:

The 8 GB version of the iPhone 3G will cost Rs. 31,000, while the 16 GB version will cost between Rs. 36,000 and Rs. 37,000.

These prices are not inclusive of the plan these phones will come bundled with.

So there. Go cry. If you don’t want to cry, I am selling mine (seems silly, but it still costs about 25% less than the price of the new one) and you can make an offer!

Of course, the above is subject to the prices not being rumors (is the Apple PR machinery at work here?).

Anyways, there isn’t any point in buying the 3G phone at this price when you can’t even use the 3G.

While on the subject, I had recently listed a few things to write on and this is one of them. So may as well!

The reasons I am bored of my iPhone:

1. It has lost the novelty value. Anyone has it!
2. My concentration span for a phone is six months max. In that sense, the iPhone has been the longest I’ve had a phone in a while (at 8 months, it beats the previous ones: E61i lasted 4 months, M600i for 6, P990i for four, MotoRAZR for four, O2 Atom for three prior to the Jesus phone)
3. I have my eyes on something else (no peeking!)
4. I want a keypad phone
5. I discovered BlackBerry. So I want my ‘regular’ phone to be basic… don’t need it for mailing or browsing since I have an unlimited plan on the BB.
6. Sliders have caught my fancy
7. Touchscreen is now passe (for me)

So there. I said it. Any offers? Leave a comment.



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