Suckers (aka you, waiting for the iPhone in India)

To all who have been patiently awaiting the launch of the iPhone in India. And also to all those who pre-registered their interest in an iPhone. Vodafone has officially let the cat out of the bag, as it were. There was much speculation about the pricing of the iPhone in India. Despite reports confirming the price, many refused to believe. But now they must.

Vodafone has sent this out today:

The above, if you ask me, the one with the discerning eye, points to the fact that the iPhone will cost Rs 30,000-plus. D-uh! I can’t understand why Apple would position this as a super premium product. Sure the subsidies offered in the US are not available to the Indian consumer but at 31k+, they have driven away the largest potential market of 18-24 for whom this is an uber cool gadget to have.

Which also means that the unlock market is safe and will flourish further. Especially for handsets that are brought into India from outside. I mean, who will spend 30k+ when they can get the same for about 15-20k?

The fact also remains that those who badly wanted an iPhone already have one. They aren’t going to wait till even this weekend for the official stuff. Don’t matter to them. So who is left? Those who can’t get one from the US and those who can’t afford the illegal one. Well both parties won’t be too keen on this offering either.

Incidentally, I am selling my first generation iPhone. 8 Gig. Current cost in India is Rs 31,000! Mine’s about seven months old. In mint condition as they say. Upgraded to 1.1.4. Make an offer, if you wish.

I defend Apple at every opportunity. I run down Microsoft as if they owe me money. I try and buy only Apple products and genuine software. I have an unlocked iPhone and would have wanted the 3G official one. But alas and alak, this leaves me no option. Apple has disappointed me. They are a bad apple. Bad Apple.

I must turn to Symbian for my next fix. The Nokia E66 continues to look tempting. What say?

P.S.: I didn’t pre-register. A friend who did shared the above mailer. Hence “Hello Atul”!

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