So the Aussies are coming

Andrew SymondsAnd as you’d expect, the oral diarrhea from either side has begun. Taking the lead was Harbhajan Singh who was soon out-talked by Mike Hussey (albeit against his own team!) and just this morning, Ricky Ponting perhaps woke up and realised he hadn’t said much. Now he has.

“But one thing I have noticed is that Sourav hasn’t been named in the initial squad and that I think is going to be interesting for me during the tour,” said the Australian, recovering from a wrist surgery.

It’s unfortunately, quite predictable what will happen. And if he thinks India has things to worry about, well, he would be surprised to know that his own team-mate thinks that Australia doesn’t have a balanced or ready team.

And then of course, there’s the issue of the chap who went fishing and may never return! Well, boo! hoo!


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