Slumdog Millionaire — mandatory post!

Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor in a still from Slumdog Millionaire
Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor in a still from Slumdog Millionaire

So everyone, their uncle and his dog have had something to say about Slumdog Millionaire (SM). And not without reason. It is by far the most globally acclaimed Indian-subject film in a long time. And I say Indian subject since contrary to others’ views, I do not believe that SM is an Indian film at all. However, I do believe that with the amount of Indians involved, it is not unusual to feel the excessive affinity that we are currently experiencing.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I will rush to the preview show tomorrow night if I can get the tickets. But I have been watching some rushes and trailers and I cannot understand what the brouhaha is all about. Especially this dude — some Nirpal Dhaliwal (hu?) — who seems to insist that no Indian could have made a film like SM. Obviously he hasn’t seen Salaam Bombay or the likes as Gaurav rightly points out. What’s he on? And who’s he?

I can even understand Nirpal man’s angst against Bollywood but why take the personal potshots:

Bachchan is no doubt riled, as many other Bollwood no-talents will be, about the fact that the best film to be made about India in recent times has been made by a white man, Danny Boyle.

Add to this another wannabe pseudo-intellectual piece of work in Pune Mirror and you are left scratching your head. Sample this:

…next time first-worlders talk about India, they are going to talk about Slumdog Millionaire. And the first syllable they mouth while talking about our country will be ‘slum’. 

Er, no. It’ll probably be Satyam!

Anyways, to each his own. There are some reviews that do matter to me, though. And these at present offer a conflicting impression. Greatbong doesn’t like it:

I did not like “Slumdog Millionaire”. Or perhaps I should say I was not at all impressed.  Maybe it was all the hype, the Oscar buzz and the “It is soooo awesome” first-person accounts I have heard over the last few weeks that led me to go into the theater with unrealistic expectations

But WOGMA endorses it: 

In a unique setup the movie is so close to real life and at the same time takes you on a fantasy flight.

From what I’ve seen and heard of the movie so far, the music is stunning. Redundant statement, yes, but I just had to say that! And I may actually by a CD after years! I’ll of course share my opinion once I’ve seen the movie tomorrow. It can’t be worse than CC2C or RNBDJ!



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