Much negligence

Far too much time has recently been spent on organisational issues. Post acquisition, the company has gone through some changes and lot of it has to do with operational issues. Anyways, I shall not delve into those. During this time, though, the blog has suffered much neglect. Updates have happened at the rate of one per month. At best.

But now, with renewed vigour, I am back. And hopefully, I can keep writing regularly. Much is to be shared. And I shall do so slowly.

Let me start with a recent experience at the POCC Shivaji Nagar meeting on Saturday (August 8). It was for the first time perhaps in the last decade that I sat in a classroom and heard a lecture. Not that the lecture was formal, but it felt like a lecture. And I enjoyed it. Largely, because I could relate to a lot being said through personal experience. Which makes you wonder whether education could be this enjoyable in general if we drew upon experiences as well rather than just theory. And no, I don’t necessarily mean the lab experiences.

Over the past couple of months, a lot of movies have been watched thanks to BigFlix (long-term member, now, me!). And I shall share most of them in short reviews on this blog (click the Movies tab above) and the ones I really enjoyed in detail.

Hope to see you here more. Same to me!



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