Poor taste or just witty?

Websites have a way of being funny unintentionally. Two recent spottings:

Indiatimes would take the cake, of course and this, we are sure is unintentional. Something to do with automated systems… Of course, we don’t know why Kashmira did have a bikini bath. Or what YSR’s family photos are doing in the same box as “other wife” and “dog rapist”…

Kashmira and YSR... bad taste!
Kashmira and YSR... bad taste!

And then there’s Cricinfo.com who do make it a bit witty… Mills and Broom (heh, like Mills and Boon… get it? aah). Not sure if intentional, but I’ll give them the benefit of doubt. (Headline 1 below… if you haven’t spotted it yet and if RD’s pic is overpowering the image!).

Romantic coupling!
Romantic coupling!



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