Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-14

  • What do you call a rock band that goes from "break on thru" to "rock on" in one song??!?? I'm outta here. #
  • I wonder if some couples think their lofe is a $ovie and they're the leading pair… And there's cameras on them 24×7. #
  • "If you remain unmoved, you're an android." Heh! #iPhone #
  • @rahulvarshneya Thanks Rahul. in reply to rahulvarshneya #
  • When you have 4 meetings in a day and have to wait an hour at the first two, that is a killer blow to the schedule. #
  • @rahulvarshneya if mumbai isn't mandatory, we can do SEO. in reply to rahulvarshneya #



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