It’s a lighter than usual Friday. I’ve just had a rather heavy lunch on account of it being Friday. Much meat and a dessert that’s good to knock you right out. But I am in office. So can’t snooze off. And as often happens in such states of mind, one starts to ruminate.

As I randomly went through links posted by contacts on Facebook, I came across some good stuff to read. And then I realized that I wasn’t using RSS anymore. There was a time I used to open up my RSS reader (NetNewsWire) along with Outlook/Entourage/Mail when I booted up the laptop. That was when I was a Mac. Since I’ve moved to Windows, I’ve realized that I don’t do this anymore. I had migrated to Google Reader a while back and still have all my subscriptions up there, but hardly ever visit them leave alone adding new ones. Wonder why…

And that got me thinking if devices had anything to do with this. Just last night I held and played around a bit with an iPad. I can’t help but think that it can’t be the best tool for productivity. It could just be me with the need of a keyboard and a screen that doesn’t require me constantly looking down, but I can’t imagine using the iPad for actual work. As an e-book reader or music player or movie player or an internet browser or some such casual activity enabler, maybe. But I may be proved wrong later (notice how I kept a way out of that for myself? Heh!).

Some other things that I’ve stopped using a lot lately include a Twitter desktop tool. I was hooked to TweetDeck for the longest time, but I now (occasionally) use Digsby’s built in tool. It’s lighter, faster and less distracting. As I write this, I was inspired to download an RSS reader and resume the reading. Dangerous since it is a huge distraction… But worth it.

Rather slow in the head, I’m feeling. Must be all that food I ate for lunch. I forgot to mention the state of negligence this blog is in. No tools to blame for this. Except my fingers. Hopefully I’m back. But then, I’ve said that before.




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