Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • @sahilk which one is it? in reply to sahilk #
  • @sahilk hey what restaurant is this? Your own? Congrats. in reply to sahilk #
  • #Raavan. Starring Goats, a monkey-man, an eagle. A movie created by some Babboons. Bah. #
  • #inox allows pole commissioner to park in full parking but we have to wait out. I knew I should've joined public service #
  • The Germany-Serbia match should be called a "yellow" match. #fifaworldcup #
  • Definite Good Luck. Kheema. Mutton Tawa. Roomali Roti. Bread Pudding. If only I could catch some z's. Alas and alak! I can't! #
  • FC rd to home. 1.5 hrs. So muc for monsoon preparedness. #pmc #fail #



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