Blocked writer

On and off over the last few weeks, I have opened up a blank file to write an article. And after much staring at the said blank document, I shut it down and moved on to other less interesting but necessary things. Like work.

It’s quite frustrating having to stare at a blank page like this one (well, it was before I filled it up with all this, you know) and not knowing what to put on it. I have written on technology, cricket, auto, entertainment and yet, too often, I struggle to find something to write about. Not that I have a KRA to blog, but one wants to have a blog running after one has been running it for over 4 years. Doesn’t one?

One of the side effects of being the blocked writer is that the mind wanders. Witty ideas come to mind and fly away. Eventually, I suspect it comes down to discipline and willpower. One leading to the other. Not sure which leads to which, but I have a suspicion it does.

Perhaps the easiest way to get back to writing meaningful stuff and not drivel like this is to just write. Some stuff will be bad, some outright ludicrous and some apathetic. But there will occasionally be some stuff that’s tolerable. And that’s as high as I’m aiming right now.

That also implies that at some point I wrote more than tolerable stuff. Well, I’m allowed to think so about myself. And I won’t hear otherwise!

So here’s to more writing more regularly.




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