RSS woes

When I had a Mac (ah, the good old days!), I used NetNewsWire. Brilliant. Intuitive. Simple. (While on the subject, Mac users can refer this list for some great tools). Since I moved to Windows 7 (stop laughing), I have intermittently used Google Reader, NewsGator and assorted other services.

The point of this post is to highlight that I’ve stopped reading as much as I did when I had a Mac. And with my Mac, productivity wasn’t affected either (or so I believe!). I don’t know why, but I get the feeling of late that no company wants to create and promote an RSS reader. Except Google. The answer could like in the increased number of devices that allow users to read their feeds or whatever sources they follow. But what about the desktop user?

I would consider myself a slightly evolved users, bordering on the power user. However, my needs are simple:

  1. A desktop based RSS reader so I can read feeds without having to connect to the internet (esp. on airports or other such areas with connectivity challenges)
  2. A reader that is fast and won’t take forever to load
  3. A reader that is lite, but not inadequate; it should be able to segregate feeds and allow me to save and tag them
  4. Sync with Google Reader because I will leave a trail in the cloud, as it were.

That’s not a huge list or a lot to ask for. I know that there are many online services ( did impress), but see point 1 above! And yes, I’ve seen this list.

So for all those in the know, please point me to a tool that can do the above. I don’t mind buying it. Or, is there a business model here?



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