Fighting FOR Kapil Sibal

Dear Mr Sibal,

Further to my previous post lauding your efforts, I now present proof to the naysayers about why you are right. It is absolutely essential we clamp down on these social networks that are increasingly getting to be a nuisance.

What right does any citizen have to clean up their city? Have they spoken to Mr Sibal for his approval yet? It is ridiculous to think that the Almighty, Mr Sibal, would not be notified of such deeds:

The Ugly Indians seem to be Bangalore’s answer to the Anna movement. But rather than pointing out all that is wrong with the system, the low-key group members are going about, simply showing how things can be righted. There is no finger-pointing, period. Instead of cribbing about the filth and blaming the lower-rung civil staff, the Ugly Indian has been busy “Spotfixing” in Bangalore. Self-funded volunteers who aggregate through the group’s website, email and Facebook page, descend on a particularly neglected (read, filthy) corner of the city where they each proceed to plough in and mend the spot.

And then, of course, there are people like @thecomicproject to whom nothing is sacred. It’s sacrilegious to even think of doing such things as below. This fellow, sir, Mr Sibal, deserves your wrath. A legal notice should suffice for now, though. (If you notice, sir, this comic fellow has a page on Facebook with over 1,200 followers. Imagine the havoc they could wreak after such provocation. Tsk.)


There is plenty of other rubbish being said about your Legalness on the Internet. Please know that I, your most humble servant, is bringing all this to you. I insist that you punish these lost souls through so many legal cases in obscure jurisdictions that they won’t even have Internet access to crib. That’ll show them. Heh!

Just some other people I think your Lordship should look to legally crush and curse:

Sudhir Tailang. What a trouble-maker. Who told him he could view his opinions?

And then there’s places like these. Sir, I bring you what is called a forum. Please don’t dirty your pious feet (or hands) by venturing into such subterranean places. I, your humble servant, shall do that digging for you.

Lastly, sir, there is this one image which I think will make you happy. We should, however, insist that the makers change the photo of the person to reflect your magnificent mug serene and peaceful face. It is only but natural that your all-pervading presence be incorporated by such lowlife companies as Google and Facebook.

Some smart-ass did this as a joke. But we will show them that the joke is on them. Won’t we sir? We will bring the above as a law. I suggest (or is praying better?) that the present situation in Parliament be used to ensure passage of a law that brings users of wallowing social network pits the above. Please, sir, please.

Yours humbly in service,

Aditya Kuber



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