IPL Learnings

Yes, well done KKR, DD, MI and CSK. Kudos and all that. You all did well to beat Pune Warriors. As did Deccan Chargers. Pune did pretty well too. In the first 5 matches. Soon enough, inspiration dwindled. Some thoughts on why that happened:

  1. Cheerleaders (or whatever they are called by the management) are just not hot enough.Β  Sure, they’re Indian and native and all that. But then, this is the IPL. It’s all about glamour and glitz and showmanship.
  2. “Where am I batting dude?” That’s a common refrain heard across the PWI camp. Batters always on tenterhooks. No one has a clue who’s coming in next. Including the batting team!
  3. Unimaginative coach and overpowering captain. Let’s face it. Pune has picked up KKR’s leftovers (or is discards better?). A pensioner’s paradise, Pune is indeed beng kind to the likes of Murali Karthik and Sourav Ganguly. And Robin Uthappa.
  4. Ashish Nehra. ‘Nuff said.

So there it is. If you ask me, the fourth point really killed the team. I mean, what’s the guy’s purpose?