The Dark Knight Rises

235402id1a_MagnusMask_27x40_1Sheet_VER3.inddOne of the most awaited movies of the year, TDKR completes the Batman trilogy. And it is an almost fitting finale. Almost, because despite clear closure and winding up of all open ends, the movie did leave me slightly dissatisfied.

Everyone now knows the storyline so I won’t go on about it. But here are some impressions:

Bruce Wayne has become a recluse. But decides to return as Batman without any knowledge of the existence of Bane. What was so pressing for him to return? Selina Kyle (Catwoman)? He returns from a self-imposed 8-year exile to hunt down a cat burglar?

While the action is brilliant, some scenes in the movie slow down the pace. The menace that Heath Ledger’s Joker brought to the screen is sorely missing. Bane and (spoiler alert) Miranda Tate do their utmost to strike fear, but fail. Bane is a towering presence, but not nearly as menacing. With the Joker, you were never quite sure what he could do. He felt no fear, no pain, no remorse… nothing. With Bane, you are sure he will pummel everything in his way into submission. Kind of predictable…

Some things are best left unsaid. When it is revealed that Autopilot did indeed work on Lucius Fox’s latest vehicle, the makers should have left the rest to the viewer’s imagination. Did Batman survive? Did he die? Is the young policeman really Robin? By answering all these questions in the last few minutes, the makers got closure, but it was too obvious.

Yes, the movie is definitely worth a watch. But unlike The Dark Knight, TDKR won’t see me glued to the TV *everytime* it is shown.

Catwoman is a bit too flippant in her attitude. Yes, she’s a criminal with nearly no scruples. Very survivalist attitude. But why the change of heart eventually? And why should Batman forgive her for all her transgressions?

And finally, Catwoman cannot pull off riding Batman’s bike. No, sir. Only Batman should ever ride that.

If I were to rate it, I’d rate it a 3.5/5. Some scenes are way too long and verbose and slow down the narrative. All in all, money not wasted.



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