Fighting a custody battle

Now, now. No alarm bells, please. All is well with the wife and I and of course, the child! This battle has me as the subject of custody. And although the two principals in question don’t know they are fighting for me, well, they are!

The history is thus: In about 2007, I moved from Windows to Apple because I could. And I loved it. I used my black Macbook 13.3 (it wasn’t called a Pro back then) to the fullest for the next 3 years. Of course, time came for an upgrade and I started looking for the next Mac. But it wasn’t available to me. The cost was prohibitive. And before you knew it, Windows 7, like one of the favouring parents, had wooed me away. Apple didn’t seem to care much about this, but I kept longing for the parent I wasn’t in touch with. Windows was true, it kept giving me more and more until I could need no more.

But here I am, once again on the cusp of yearning for that missing parent. Why? Is Windows mistreating me? No. To the contrary, just today, they gave me and the world the free preview of Office 2013. It’s fashionable to diss Windows, but let’s face it, they are more accessible. But I digress.

In this custody battle, like others, are external factors. While Windows is true to me, it always has a barrier between itself and me. The hardware. It’s never true to itself. And this barrier keeps pushing me away. Unbeknownst to Windows. And the pull of Apple is as strong as ever, the prohibitive pricing notwithstanding. So I wonder now what to do? Wait till I’m rich enough to completely embrace the parent who hasn’t done much for me and has continually become more inaccessible? Or keep with the one that has been with me, but continues to offer much frustration thanks to the barriers that are constantly formed?

It’s a tough and expensive decision.

This time, though, the expensive part applies to the ward in the custody battle.



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