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Like every blogger worth his/her salt, I too aspire to be a published author. Not the self-published, e-book kinds, but a real, hard-cover or paperback kinds. That people pay to buy and read. And at the thought of which trees (among others) weep. Inspiration has come from many fronts. Such greats that were formerly bloggers are now published authors. They reside in London and globe-trot playing poker and such. Yes, their books have brought joy to many and money to some, and I too aspire to tread in their footsteps.

By the way, what did you, dear reader, make of the above paragraph? Sophisticated enough? Polished? Not too many grammatical errors? No spelling mistakes, Firefox assures me…

So I have dreamed up many topics with plots, characters, sub-plots and more. I have at least 5 book ideas in my head. I’m on the verge of turning schizophrenic with the number of characters swirling about in my head. Not to mention locations, locales and other such details that at times put a question in my mind as to my present whereabouts. So where is this killer book, you ask? In my head (pay attention!).

What’s holding up the writing and publishing of these alleged book(s)? Time, for one. Laziness for the most part, though. While this post isn’t to clarify the non-existent question, “What happened to Aditya Kuber’s book?”, it is to seek advise from the great bloggers who have been or are on the verge of being published. Simple question sirs: How did you start your book?

And I don’t mean the first lines of your book, but… how did you do it? And how did you find publishers?

While publishers may be a long way away yet for me, it’s a constant struggle to figure out whether I want to take a humorous path to writing. Or should I tell a story in a cut and dry manner? I always thought that I could write humour, but after reading some great stuff recently (like this one), I’m not sure I can do humour. Cut-and-dry seems to be the best bet.

In the coming days, I plan to share some book ideas, perhaps some early drafts as well to get some feedback. Not sure that’s a wise idea, but let’s see if this plan comes to fruition (see, I can do big words!).

Perhaps it’s just best to move to a hill station for a few days and get started on this book. Decisions, decisions…



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