Best waste of money?

The iPhone 5 is available for sale on Considering it’s not yet officially launched in India, this has to be a smuggled piece. Nonetheless, at Rs 54,250 for the cheapest option, it seems a tad bit steep to me!

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 for sale on

I could think of a ton of better uses for this money. Would you spend 54k on a phone?



2 Replies to “Best waste of money?”

  1. Hai Aditya, i agree with your post.I think spend 54k for one mobile phone is not a good attitude.We can spend this money for several good purpose.Today we can get good quality phone at below Rs:15000.Fifty percentage of I phone price for their brand name(Apple )

  2. It is individually depends because its all up to individuals decision to take mobile or anything in any price if it is affordable with his income. If he willing to do any better thing it will do at the right time which is not depend on his mobile price or anything. Its only my personnel views… πŸ™‚

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