Inspiring CEO & Digital Marketing

Forbes India, in their latest issue, lists the Leadership Awards 2012. Of all the various winners, most inspiring for me was Nitin Paranjape of HUL. Not because he turned around a behemoth in 4 years or because he set it up for the future, but because at 49, he’s willing to learn continually.

Not too many CEOs, let alone those commanding an empire of over Rs 1.4 lakh crore (market cap) are willing to have a 25-year-old tutor. One who can teach them the ropes of digital marketing. Yes, most of them will hire a ton of managers to their bidding, but few will spend time and take the effort to understand “what their kids are talking about”.

Because by his own admission, he couldn’t understand the brave new world his children inhabit. What the hell are they doing spending all their time on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? In any case, what are these places all about?

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