A tab that does the job

Karbonn Smart TabTablets are all the rage. If you don’t have one, well, why not? For one, they are now smaller than ever starting at 7-inches in size and cost less than a decent smartphone. Really.

Much is in questioned about the capability of tablets like the Micromax Funtab, the Karbonn SmartTab and others in the sub Rs 7,000-range. So we set out to find the truths. With a Karbonn SmartTab 1. And we’re impressed.

At Rs 6,499, this is perhaps great value for money. Yes, the Google Nexus 7 will be a gamechanger at Rs 9,000 (approx.), but till then, this one will have to do. We did play around with the Micromax Funtab as well, but the higher processor speed (1.2GHz) of the SmartTab swayed us toward it. Also helpful was that there are no physical buttons on the front facia, something that will prove useful as you use the tab in different situations. Continue reading “A tab that does the job”

Time for a change?

What factors can trigger the need for a change? I’ve been using a Blackberry 8900 for a year now. Lovely phone. Totally swear by it. Unfortunately, there have been issues syncing it. Earlier, with a Mac I used. And now again, with a Windows 7 computer I have.

To elaborate, the BB Sync doesn’t play well with Outlook in Win7. Some dll and fixmapi stuff I don’t care to learn about. So the question: what next?

Android is appealing. Just need to confirm if it works with Push mail. Can’t live without that now… or maybe (gasp!) Windows mobile? Hm. It’s possible.

HTC HD2… any thoughts?

The Dell

I’ve recently upgraded (?) to a Dell Studio 15. And the Windows Live Writer is perhaps the first piece of software that I have always wanted to use.

So I am using it.

And I have to say the 15” screen is quite a positive change. Not to say I’m not missing my Mac already, but I am kicked about the 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD… 😀

Unboxing pics to follow (yes, I know that’s seriously geeky, but so it is!)

Electronics shopping in Pune

1. Some of the comments in this article may well apply to stores of the chains mentioned in other cities as well, but my experiences are limited to the specific outlets I visited. I don’t aim to generalize my opinions for the entire chain.

2. The disclaimer above is to ensure that none of those big stores sue my a** off!

Now that we’re done with disclaimers (and their disclaimers!), it’s time to tell you the dirty truth about electronics store chains in Pune.

Recently, I have been around looking for an iPod docking station, a laptop, an LCD/Plasma TV and cell phones. I have bought all these items from different stores. That itself begs the question: what are these massive one-stop stores good for?

Yes, the hint is at Croma. As someone who takes his electronics quite seriously, I do expect store salesmen to be well informed. I don’t expect them to know all the minute details, but their suggestions should mean something. And at no store in Pune have I found this. The obvious incentive for them to push a brand/product is the commission they or the store stands to earn. In this regard, Vijay Sales (Sadhu Vaswani Chowk) is perhaps the best of the lot. Continue reading “Electronics shopping in Pune”

I was planning to buy the E71…

BlackBerry Bold front
BlackBerry Bold 9000

but then I saw this:

It seems Nokia has got everything covered except for Blackberry Connect support. The company has announced that since they are offering a push email service similar to that of Blackberry Connect, they are now direct competitors and as such, they would no longer offer Blackberry Connect support starting of Nokia E71 and E66.

It’s a really odd decision and it clearly shows that selling their email service to end customers is more important to Nokia than selling their handhelds. While this may sound perfectly reasonable to Nokia marketing department, it might turn out as a deal-breaker to some potential E71 buyers.

And the folks at GSM Arena are right. That’s a deal-breaker. BlackBerry Bold, here I come!

Suckers (aka you, waiting for the iPhone in India)

To all who have been patiently awaiting the launch of the iPhone in India. And also to all those who pre-registered their interest in an iPhone. Vodafone has officially let the cat out of the bag, as it were. There was much speculation about the pricing of the iPhone in India. Despite reports confirming the price, many refused to believe. But now they must.

Vodafone has sent this out today:

The above, if you ask me, the one with the discerning eye, points to the fact that the iPhone will cost Rs 30,000-plus. D-uh! I can’t understand why Apple would position this as a super premium product. Sure the subsidies offered in the US are not available to the Indian consumer but at 31k+, they have driven away the largest potential market of 18-24 for whom this is an uber cool gadget to have. Continue reading “Suckers (aka you, waiting for the iPhone in India)”

iPhone to be beyond most people’s reach

Contact me if you want to buy an unlocked iPhone for the prices announced are astronomical to say the least.

As my favourite humor writer (and now tech as it seems!) points out:

The 8 GB version of the iPhone 3G will cost Rs. 31,000, while the 16 GB version will cost between Rs. 36,000 and Rs. 37,000.

These prices are not inclusive of the plan these phones will come bundled with.

So there. Go cry. If you don’t want to cry, I am selling mine (seems silly, but it still costs about 25% less than the price of the new one) and you can make an offer!

Of course, the above is subject to the prices not being rumors (is the Apple PR machinery at work here?).

Anyways, there isn’t any point in buying the 3G phone at this price when you can’t even use the 3G.

While on the subject, I had recently listed a few things to write on and this is one of them. So may as well!

The reasons I am bored of my iPhone: Continue reading “iPhone to be beyond most people’s reach”