Imagine there being a movie and a leader to personify you… this test (rather inaccurate, if you ask me), attempts to do that. The questions, though, in both tests are similar (some same). Hell, it's fun to do this once… check out who I am!!


I have just returned from a five-day trip of Japan and my first impression, as most of us from India travelling to a developed nation would say, was WOW!
And why not? They have systems that work… systems that are maintained and are fabulously well organised… what hurts even more, is that some of these have been developed, deployed and maintained by Indian companies…
Be that as it may (coz it will be!)… the country is a pleasure to be in… the people are extrememly warm and hospitable and normally go out of their way to help you. Politeness is something they seem to have in excess… I mean, imagine someone waiting to let pedestrians cross through before driving on… in India, the pedestrian would have been on his way to the hospital!
There are some obvious problems too, though, like high cost of living and skyrocketing costs of real estate. Never-ending, serpentine traffic jams are also more the norm than exception. Interestingly, though, these happen without any fuss and drivers wait patiently without honking or cutting lanes to get ahead.
Food, though, for the uninitiated and the vegeterian in particular can be a nightmare! We had a couple of them in our group and they almost died of hunger! For the Japanese, seafood is vegeterian! Eat that!
I had sushi and once I got over my initial apprehensions, it was delicious! Salmon turned out to be my favourite and was spicy as hell without any garnish or even seasoning! Shrimp and squid are something I really like and no one makes them better than the Japanese! If you ever get a chance to sample the exotic cuisine of the Far East, go for it. A word of caution, though: stay away from the Tofu. After one meal (seven courses of Tofu!), I could almost throw up!
But if a Jap ever serves you Tofu, please eat it. They feel bad if you refuse!
I'll add more to this series regularly… I am so impressed, my thoughts are totally mixed up! Need some time to clear my mind!

Our inanimate friends

Through our life, we get attached to certain things—even inanimate—that we are moved by when the time comes to get rid of them. How many times have we really wondered if these are worth the pain we feel?
Take for example a restaurant called Savera opposite my college, Fergusson. I can’t even remember the number of days/nights I spent there… now I wonder why. But one thing is for sure… I can never forget the place. Similarly, there is this regular stop on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway called Center Point where the bus stops for a few minutes for a cuppa chai! But this week, I drove to Mumbai and not stopping there made me miss it. Not that the food is great or anything, but just that it had become a part of something I did regularly. This, in fact, was what set me thinking.
So I started to think about other such inanimate things that are really important to me. The first thing that came to mind was my motorcycle… I haven’t used it in almost five months now but I still don’t want to sell it. Can’t even bring myself to think about it. Perhaps there’s too many memories associated with it… Another such thing is my backpack from college… it was a green one with brown suede at the bottom and black straps… fairly ordinary, but again, has too many memories… a look at it reminds me of the 3 years in FC and the life (carefree, mind you!) I enjoyed back then…
The list is endless and I will add to it as and when I can think of such things. Call me nuts if you will, but I think these things matter and are great.

Music II

I agree with what tinkerbell has to say and also concede to the fact that perhaps even the 'original' I was referring to may not have been so. But, given the 'clandestine' manner in which she supposes it was done, I beg to differ.
Most of the old songs were 'inspired' (at the risk of using this word!) by folk music or other local art forms of the time and what they did was popularised them using the mass media at their disposal. While the intent may not have been of doing this, it sure served this purpose. Today, by remixing, we are not only not helping local art forms and Indian music (which, by the way, still has plenty to offer) but blatantly and blindly aping the west… has anyone heard the rhythms that are worked in Indian classical or folk music? The latinos would struggle to keep up with it!
So while remixes are popularising older songs, there is no agenda to it and certainly no credit given to the original artistes. Unfortunately, in this regard, they even copied their Indian predecessors who lifted tunes and rhythms from folk music without giving them due credit…


I like all kinds of music… Hindi film, classics, some Indian classical (esp instrumental), Western classical, Rock, some pop but what I hate are remixes of old songs. It's like mistreating an elder in your family. Of late, there are enough available that I think flout all copyright laws… just because someone else is singing it with added percussion should not qualify it as a new song.
What's worse, the very industry that's fighting piracy is supporting it by doing this. A case of cannibalism? Clearly.
Why then, do these guys indulge in this? My thought is they have run out of original stuff! Some of the guys that can do some original work are happier working in films making money when they can. Even if they try to do some original non-film work, they don't get the kind of support or exposure a film can get them. Economics rules this, nothing else. By now you would like to know the purpose of this post… I was shopping for some music the other day and came across this MP3 CD that had some really good old songs and without checking for any of the abovementioned details, purchsed it. Much to my dismay, the moment I played it, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkars voices had changed dramatically! Worse still, their talent had waned! Please, someone, please put an end to this!

She’s here…

Yes! Our new car is finally here and she’s way more than what I thought. Have already had a small drive through the streets of Mumbai, but that’s no fun… I’m now looking forward to tomorrow when we head off to Pune… that’ll be a drive, now!

We are yet to put in all the accessories we planned, but then, what are Sunday’s for!!? 😉

Man, I am so excited, I just wanna leave office now and go drive!

But then again, work beckons. So I better hurry anyways!

Click here to see the photo.

It’s time…

Before I write anything else, here's the schedule for the next fortnight: My car, my new car, my car and did I mention, my Car??
I'm obsessed… can't help it, tho!! She'll be here tomorrow morning… and I shall heed to some of my friends' suggestions not to blow up too much decorating it, but a CD-Player, I agree is a must. To be honest, I'm too numb and dumbstruck to do anything right now… can't even concentrate on work (hope my ed doesn't read this!).
All the same, in about 16 hours and 22 minutes, I'll have my new car. All I have done the last two days is burn CDs in office and now I have 12 CDs with MP3s (that's about 8 GB of music!!). I seriously hope I can finally drive tomorrow.
It's been three months since the search began and the whole process finally culminates tomorrow. It had almost become a part of our (me and Tosh!) life to go car hunting every damn weekend. Now we'll probably just end up driving around aimlessly… that sounds like fun, wot say?
To all those who I will not be able to meet in person, here's a virtual pedha! Tond god kara!!