Movie: The Social Network

So if you haven’t heard enough of Facebook as it is, there’s more to come. A new movie is set to open that chronicles the lives of’s founders and how the world’s biggest social network came to life. A biopic.

Should be interesting.

Wonder why the name sounds so unimaginative, though… or is it keeping with the site’s name: simple and to the point?

Via: Yahoo! Movies

Rock On: Natural, yet contrived

Rock OnAs I watched Farhan Akhtar’s acting debut Rock On, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons with Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do. The plot is pretty similar, the situations too. The good thing is that they are localized well.

Without questioning the authenticity of the situations (for example, if one assumes the group was together 10 years before the current time frame, that would be in 1998… when were there open air concerts at VT station in Mumbai?), one has to look at the story its telling. Which is one of friendship. But the suddenness of the break in friendship is jarring. As is the unquestionable nature of the reunion. Continue reading “Rock On: Natural, yet contrived”