What’s wrong with cricket?

I’m an avid cricket fan. But of late, the volume of matches has meant that it’s impossible to keep up with the game. Notably, the increase in T20 games and club games (thanks to IPL and CLT20). Tournaments with multiple teams are of course more exciting to watch because there is always a prize at the end of it. Whereas in bilateral series, the question that crops us is, “What’s the point?”

Football is a global game that thrives on the Club level. Because players move around and create interest in either their destination or origin countries. Cricket has managed this to some extent with County cricket previously, but the number of players from overseas countries (read India!) were always too few to elicit sustained interest. Yorkshire became a known name to young cricket lovers only when Tendulkar played for them for a year. Ask most fans (not the hardcore ones, of course) which county Murali Karthik plays for and chances are (despite his recent unsportsmanlike behaviour making the news), not many would know.

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Kick here

For the Indian fan smarting from India’s dismal show at the ICC World T20, MS Dhoni and Yusuf Pathan offer a great outlet for frustration.


Seems to say: “Yes, we’re asses”. Oh, well.

Image: Cricinfo

Yes, Mr Speed… you’re the man

Malcolm SpeedMalcolm Speed, ICC Chief Executive held a press conference at Melbourne earlier today. He announced:

“It is important to stress that Steve has not been replaced due to any representations made by any team or individuals. The ICC remains the sole body responsible for the appointment of umpires and no team has the right to object to any appointment. The decision by the ICC to replace Steve for this match was made in the best interests of the game and the series,” said Mr Speed.

This, after the ICC replaced Steve Bucknor with Billy Bowden. It will be indeed tough for anyone to believe for a moment that the ICC took the proactive step of replacing Bucknor and that the complaints and ineptitude of the man had nothing to do with. Typically reactive of the ICC. But they want us to believe it was a proactive step.


(P.S.: I was unaware that the ICC joined hands with Yahoo! Good move, for once!)

Photo: BBC