Shiv Sena drapes Kareena

Oh well.

A few questions to this statement by the Shiv Sena chief Jitendra Janawale:

The scene in question is totally against Maharashtra’s Hindu culture. No sooner the posters were put up all over the city, we got lots of complaints from people, esp. from the concerned parents of school children, stating that the said posters were in bad taste. We have anyways issued a strong warning to the filmmakers through the media. We want all the backless posters that have been put all over the city to be removed as soon as possible. Failing which, we shall protest against the film when it releases.” “How are such obscene posters being allowed by the authorities.everal women and children pass by the posters. What effect will it have on them.”

  1. What is Maharashtra’s Hindu Culture?
  2. Is abuse of minors part of “Maharashtra’s Hindu Culture”? If not, shouldn’t you concentrate more on solving this problem rather than carrying out such gimmicks for publicity?
  3. How do you define nudity?
  4. You say “we got lots of complaints from people, esp. from the concerned parents of school children”. Do you keep records of these for us to see?
  5. Can you please do something constructive?

No World Cup matches for Pune

What a sorry, sorry state of affairs. The World Cup cricket returns to India after 1996 and there is no game for Pune.

Nagpur, on the other hand, gets four games. Including some big tickets ones including AUS v NZ and IND v SA  in addition to two smaller games. So where does that leave Pune?

The MCA has done nothing of note to build a stadium worthy of international games in the city. Even recent Ranji Trophy matches have taken place at the Poona Club ground or at the Deccan Gymkhana ground neither of which have seating.

It’s pitiable, but a reflection of what the city is doing to itself. While definitely lacking in basic infrastructure, it is certainly better in support infrastructure (hotels, restaurants etc) than Nagpur. But the basic missing link – a ground – has yet again cost the city.

As Mr Kalmadi, our esteemed MP continues to bungle the CWG2010, the city reels. Sure, building a ground is not his job, but he does have a finger in every pie in the city’s development. Or the lack of it.

Much has been said about this, and it is really pointless crying over this. We will perhaps need to plan to catch the games in Mumbai (the Final is there) or Nagpur. Or maybe Bangalore or Ahmedabad… all accessible. Of course, none closer than a ground in the city, but one can’t live on pipe dreams, now, can one?

Spinning head

What, pray tell, is the point of this ad?


Yes, it has Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in it. She looks good. Some dancers jump about. The music’s not too bad. but the ad is about watches. That are also shown, I must admit. But why will I buy this watch? Because it makes Aishwarya’s “head spin”? She actually said “go round”, but it has been replaced with a voice-over.

Seriously. Why will I buy this watch after this ad?

If it is because it makes my head spin, then how will I tell time?

Spending money to spend money

Now, I’ve not been part of many tender-based submissions. Actually, I’ve never been part of any. So it does baffle the mind when one sees this:

The BCCI has started selling the bid documents at Rs five lakh a copy which is "non-refundable and non-adjustable", as per the tender notice put out by Board secretary N. Srinivasan.

So what the BCCI is saying is that we want to see how serious our bidders are. If they have the ability to throw away Rs 5 lakh to get tender notices. And if they care about this.

I think that the money for unsuccessful bids should be returned. And the winning bidder’s money should be adjusted.

Else, this is absolutely jam for BCCI.

I always knew I should have got into a business where I had to float tenders.

Very hilarious, innit?

British comedy is one of my favourites to laugh with. And when done by the incredibly talented Sanjeev Bhaskar & Co., it’s immensely more enjoyable.

Like this bit.

Open the glove box, heh!

(via IndieQuill)

Saving Pune’s traffic. Maybe.

Yes, it’s one of my pet peeves. And I can’t be like some who find Zen in it. No disrespect… just that, I’m too hotheaded!

But there is hope yet. Some solutions can go a long way in “curbing the overenthusiasm” on Pune’s roads. Suggestions:

  1. Place spikes (big enough to puncture bus tyres too) at the STOP line that come up when the light turns yellow and go down only when it turns green. This will not only control speed, but also stop that irritating habit some have of standing across the line or zooming through before the traffic light has turned green. Or worse, after it’s turned red!
  2. Create separate routes for buses and trucks. Ideally, don’t allow trucks into the city from 8am to 10pm. That’ll ease the roads.
  3. Allow citizen policing. That is, if I see someone breaking the law, I can report them. Or beat them up. Maybe just report them!
  4. Refuse taxi licenses. Outright. Bas.
  5. Give drivers authority to run someone over (pedestrian or driver) if they are breaking the law. Serious. Else, we’ll only amplify this state of chaos we call traffic.
  6. Build better and bigger roads. I know, I’m clutching to straws here, but hey, I can wish right? Thoda aur wish karo!

Sure, none of the above is going to happen. And I may just have to heed to Alok’s advise about finding Zen in Pune traffic. The trouble here, though, is that if I smirk or giggle at someone, that’s good enough to start a fight! So I have to just stare at them. It’s a never-ending game of “who blinks first”. And normally, the flow of traffic decides the winner!

So the Aussies are coming

Andrew SymondsAnd as you’d expect, the oral diarrhea from either side has begun. Taking the lead was Harbhajan Singh who was soon out-talked by Mike Hussey (albeit against his own team!) and just this morning, Ricky Ponting perhaps woke up and realised he hadn’t said much. Now he has.

“But one thing I have noticed is that Sourav hasn’t been named in the initial squad and that I think is going to be interesting for me during the tour,” said the Australian, recovering from a wrist surgery.

It’s unfortunately, quite predictable what will happen. And if he thinks India has things to worry about, well, he would be surprised to know that his own team-mate thinks that Australia doesn’t have a balanced or ready team.

And then of course, there’s the issue of the chap who went fishing and may never return! Well, boo! hoo!


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Ah. The Ineptitude.

The best players of spin in the world. Supposedly. Falling like nine pins. More like ten, but what the hell. To a rookie.

And not a spinner in sight to take out the opposition. Of course, the two are connected. Let the mudslinging begin. “Too many ads”… “their heads have become too big…” “Their bats are too small…”

At the time of writing, India hadn’t lost yet, but it was inevitable.

I also believe that Tony Greig’s presence is affecting India’s fortunes.

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