Fighting FOR Kapil Sibal

Dear Mr Sibal,

Further to my previous post lauding your efforts, I now present proof to the naysayers about why you are right. It is absolutely essential we clamp down on these social networks that are increasingly getting to be a nuisance.

What right does any citizen have to clean up their city? Have they spoken to Mr Sibal for his approval yet? It is ridiculous to think that the Almighty, Mr Sibal, would not be notified of such deeds:

The Ugly Indians seem to be Bangalore’s answer to the Anna movement. But rather than pointing out all that is wrong with the system, the low-key group members are going about, simply showing how things can be righted. There is no finger-pointing, period. Instead of cribbing about the filth and blaming the lower-rung civil staff, the Ugly Indian has been busy “Spotfixing” in Bangalore. Self-funded volunteers who aggregate through the group’s website, email and Facebook page, descend on a particularly neglected (read, filthy) corner of the city where they each proceed to plough in and mend the spot.

And then, of course, there are people like @thecomicproject to whom nothing is sacred. It’s sacrilegious to even think of doing such things as below. This fellow, sir, Mr Sibal, deserves your wrath. A legal notice should suffice for now, though. (If you notice, sir, this comic fellow has a page on Facebook with over 1,200 followers. Imagine the havoc they could wreak after such provocation. Tsk.)


There is plenty of other rubbish being said about your Legalness on the Internet. Please know that I, your most humble servant, is bringing all this to you. I insist that you punish these lost souls through so many legal cases in obscure jurisdictions that they won’t even have Internet access to crib. That’ll show them. Heh!

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Dear Kapil Sibal

I believe you would like to gag us on social networks. And I have no intention of criticizing you or getting on your bad side. After all, you are the almighty in power. Messing with you would only bring me grief. And who wants that, now? Eh?

So before I did anything stupid, I thought I’d check with you if I’m allowed to:

  • Comment on the government’s recent FDI plans. I think the government as a whole could be personified and therefore my comments about FDI could, by transitivity, be implied to be about an individual and get me into trouble. In you all-knowing legalese, please advise.
  • Comment on you recent stand about the proposed restrictions on social networks. After all, anything I say/write could be implied to be a direct comment on your almightiness. And I don’t, under any circumstances, want to incur your wrath, O Lordship.
  • Comment on cinema, media, advertising, etc. Although I work in the field of communication, I am no longer sure what would be deemed appropriate by your Big Brotherness and would not, like before, want to incur your wrath and force you to further clamp down post my insignificant rants.
  • Question Inquire with you about your thoughts for the protection of the individual on social media or through the media in general that is compelling you to gag the world so. Of course, I agree with your thoughts at all times for you are, of course, THE greatest legal mind in the country and have never uttered a word against anyone or ever been slanderous. Of course, being slanderous or libellous is not an option for a common man like myself for I do not possess your all-knowing legalese to defend myself. (Nor the money, but that’s besides the point here).

I request you to kindly enlighten me on the above. After all, I do see this as the future way we can publish our thoughts on public fora. You will need to approve all our thoughts.

I did have another point to laud your efforts, but please do not hesitate to chide me on my childishness if that is what the query seems like… Being in the public eye, the politician is subjected to criticism or ridicule across most democracies. They take it on the chin and the public feels like they have had their say. Of course, these democracies are run by Western idiots with no morals and whose public don’t need any saving. Thankfully we have you. After the scores of local moral police who have saved the country over the last few years, you sir, are a godsend to deliver us from the wallowing pit that is the social network. I must thank my luck to be alive in such free and revolutionary times.

May God (i.e., you) save India. Good luck, sir.

Publicly listed email ID?

WTF is that? I get a ton of spam daily. I painstakingly mark it SPAM or delete or unsubscribe. But then I got this with one such mail sent to me by (wtf, again!):

This email with sent to you because you have a publically listed email address and having looked at information available about your interests, we decided you might be interested in our newsletter. If this is not the case, please excuse the interruption to your day and let us know that you would prefer not to receive our newsletter in the future.

I don’t think the above notice absolves them of their wrongdoing – SPAM! And what the hell is a publicly listed email ID? Is there a directory that’s publicly accessible? Can I see it?

And, yes, dear, I don’t want to say “Please unsubscribe me” in my unsubscribe mail (seriously, no one-click unsub?). I want to use much harsher language. Words starting with f and m and the likes you probably didn’t know exist. Because you made me rant.

I run a digital agency. We send mailers on behalf of clients and for ourselves. We painstakingly maintain a subscriber list and guard it with our lives. We’ve had offers where one client wanted to send to another’s list. We refuse. All subscribers on all our lists are opt-in. This choice is given to them at the time of registration. Or they can opt-in later.

In the above case, I don’t even know what is (I did subsequently check it out and looks like an SEO farm of articles). Sounds like a polluting company. So far, they’ve lived up to their name on the Internet. Not cool.

Fact of the matter…

Is that IE sucks.

IE sucks

Yes, we live with this every day. Please move on to Firefox or Chrome or Safari or heck, even Opera.

Sincere appeal. Now I’ll get back to sulking over IE.

Movie: The Social Network

So if you haven’t heard enough of Facebook as it is, there’s more to come. A new movie is set to open that chronicles the lives of’s founders and how the world’s biggest social network came to life. A biopic.

Should be interesting.

Wonder why the name sounds so unimaginative, though… or is it keeping with the site’s name: simple and to the point?

Via: Yahoo! Movies


It’s a lighter than usual Friday. I’ve just had a rather heavy lunch on account of it being Friday. Much meat and a dessert that’s good to knock you right out. But I am in office. So can’t snooze off. And as often happens in such states of mind, one starts to ruminate.

As I randomly went through links posted by contacts on Facebook, I came across some good stuff to read. And then I realized that I wasn’t using RSS anymore. There was a time I used to open up my RSS reader (NetNewsWire) along with Outlook/Entourage/Mail when I booted up the laptop. That was when I was a Mac. Since I’ve moved to Windows, I’ve realized that I don’t do this anymore. I had migrated to Google Reader a while back and still have all my subscriptions up there, but hardly ever visit them leave alone adding new ones. Wonder why…

And that got me thinking if devices had anything to do with this. Just last night I held and played around a bit with an iPad. I can’t help but think that it can’t be the best tool for productivity. It could just be me with the need of a keyboard and a screen that doesn’t require me constantly looking down, but I can’t imagine using the iPad for actual work. As an e-book reader or music player or movie player or an internet browser or some such casual activity enabler, maybe. But I may be proved wrong later (notice how I kept a way out of that for myself? Heh!).

Some other things that I’ve stopped using a lot lately include a Twitter desktop tool. I was hooked to TweetDeck for the longest time, but I now (occasionally) use Digsby’s built in tool. It’s lighter, faster and less distracting. As I write this, I was inspired to download an RSS reader and resume the reading. Dangerous since it is a huge distraction… But worth it.

Rather slow in the head, I’m feeling. Must be all that food I ate for lunch. I forgot to mention the state of negligence this blog is in. No tools to blame for this. Except my fingers. Hopefully I’m back. But then, I’ve said that before.


Oh, woe.

As mentioned previously, I have recently moved home and office. And it wasn’t a pleasant experience. What took the cake, however, is the misinformation from Tikona Digital Networks and the subsequent lack of customer service.

Without getting into details (believe me, I can!), let me just say that stay away from these guys. I was committed a “Wi-Bro” connection for the 20 computers at office. So a tech guy came over on Saturday and installed it. On Monday, when we installed their dialler on all the machines, they wouldn’t log on.

Inquiries with the rather helpless customer care revealed that the router can only connect to 5 machines at a time. Well.

Then the usual routine of me calling up all and sundry I had been in touch with happened. A total of 4 hours was spent talking on the phone. As the situation stands right now, there is still no resolution. Only 5 computers are connected and the others are mere spectators. Computers and people.

At the time of installation, the engineer connected my computer and promptly proceeded to show off the speed of the connection. He launched the built-in speed test from the dialler. An astonishing speed of 818kbps was delivered. So I decided to crosscheck. And logged on (with him bearing witness) to And an astonishing speed of 315kbps was delivered. Well, well.

He immediately proceeded to disrepute the service claiming it was unverified and that he didn’t know where their servers were. And insisted that the speed was 818kbps! Hm.

As it stands right now (about 6.45pm on Monday), I am on the verge of disconnection. Awaiting revert from Airtel, Tata and others. Soon. I shall have broadband. Again.

Makes me want to shout, really.