Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • @sahilk which one is it? in reply to sahilk #
  • @sahilk hey what restaurant is this? Your own? Congrats. in reply to sahilk #
  • #Raavan. Starring Goats, a monkey-man, an eagle. A movie created by some Babboons. Bah. #
  • #inox allows pole commissioner to park in full parking but we have to wait out. I knew I should've joined public service #
  • The Germany-Serbia match should be called a "yellow" match. #fifaworldcup #
  • Definite Good Luck. Kheema. Mutton Tawa. Roomali Roti. Bread Pudding. If only I could catch some z's. Alas and alak! I can't! #
  • FC rd to home. 1.5 hrs. So muc for monsoon preparedness. #pmc #fail #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-14

  • What do you call a rock band that goes from "break on thru" to "rock on" in one song??!?? I'm outta here. #
  • I wonder if some couples think their lofe is a $ovie and they're the leading pair… And there's cameras on them 24×7. #
  • "If you remain unmoved, you're an android." Heh! #iPhone #
  • @rahulvarshneya Thanks Rahul. in reply to rahulvarshneya #
  • When you have 4 meetings in a day and have to wait an hour at the first two, that is a killer blow to the schedule. #
  • @rahulvarshneya if mumbai isn't mandatory, we can do SEO. in reply to rahulvarshneya #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-10

  • MSEDCL = Liars. Power back after only 9 hours of load shedding. #
  • RT @udaychopra: Badmaash Company releases tomorrow…and no I'm not in it so maybe that's more reason to go watch it 😉 #honesty #
  • Oh boy! Oh boy! RT @twilightfairy: Google Chrome Speed Tests #
  • Are there good cartoonists in #Pune? Someone who knows the city and can comment through cartoons? Mail me: contact [at] #
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: Pretty women bad for men’s health #
  • @adese Is good. All the best. #pune in reply to adese #
  • So what's the dish? "Thick rice crepe with fried onion, chilies served with a lentil soup and coconut chutney." (ans: #
  • @adese Anything I can do? #MentorEdge #Pune in reply to adese #
  • RT @IndiaBacardi: The ultimate #BlackEyedPeas #contest is here! Win a chance to watch them live in London for FREE. #Bacardi #
  • Fotoflock's Social Network for Photographers now live: It's a first… #
  • You'd think that after 3 weeks of "urgent repairs" & 14 hours a day of power cuts, MSEDCL would have solved the problem. Well, you're wrong. #
  • What drives #Pune traffic? Cars? Bikes? Rickshaws? Buses? Cycles? Heck no. Horns! (the honking variety!) #
  • Nearly 50,000 followers in just one day. That's the power of @sachin_rt. #
  • Great #photos #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25