Everybody’s whore. No one’s wife.

As she lay ravaged yet again, it was only natural that she felt cheated. Yet again. Where were the village elders who had promised her protection? Where were her sentries who had vowed never to let it happen again? Most of all, though, she worried for her children. Were they okay? How much had they suffered? She knew they would overcome this too. For they had before.

Despite her state, there was a strange sense of pride in her about her situation. She had been through this previously – no less than thrice. And each time she had known herself to be strong enough to get up and get a move on. This time would be no different, she told herself. But the one question that kept haunting her refused to die down. “Why me?”

It had already been an hour and there was a fair bit of activity around her. The sentries were running around hoping to get a hold of the offenders. The elders were in discussion yet again. And the village Heralds had awoken to their latest prey like vultures circling a carcass. She didn’t care about any of this any more.

As her pride subsided and the pain of the moment took over, she returned to her haunting question. What hadn’t she done for her children? Somewhere in her heart, she knew that one of her children was responsible for her present situation. And yet, she couldn’t bring herself to blame him. “He must be misled,” she thought.

But even if he was misled, she wondered how he had brought himself to do the deed. Didn’t he care for her even a bit? Was there no affection at all? After all, she had given him everything he had. And would continue to do so. Or had she offended him in some way? But how? She only knew how to give. Her children fought amongst themselves, but she ensured they all had the same opportunity at life. Hadn’t she loved them all equally?

Yes, there were occasions when she had to be strict with one of her children. But which mother doesn’t? It was for their own good. Yes, there were times when she had to be unfair to them. But that was to teach them the ways of life. Surely they didn’t hold that against her…

She will forgive them, she decided. “But what is to become of these fatherless children? Who will take their responsibility,” she wondered. She knew she was going to be around for a long time yet, but each of these indiscretions and offences would take its toll. Until she was no more. “Who will be the father to these children,” she thought again.

“And who will love me now?” This was a question she had no answer to. The village performers – like the heralds and the elders and sentries – always spoke highly of her. She was their muse, their ruse, their inspiration, their desperation. Their friend, their guide, their wife. Or was she?

With every indiscretion against her, she had started questioning the love of her children. And now, her own lovers were no longer enough to protect her. “Am I anyone’s wife?” She was now sure that she wasn’t loved by any. Everyone needed her, but no one loved her. Yes, that she was sure of now.

Her latest realisation threw up another uneasy thought. That she was indeed nobody’s wife. But everyone wanted her. And used her. She was a whore. Everyone’s.

As she lay nursing her wounds – alone again – there was almost a simultaneous realisation among her children. Wherever they were. That indeed they did love her. And that they couldn’t bear to see her suffer so over and over. Wasn’t there something they could do? What can they do?

Whether or not they could do something, they had to find a way to show her that they loved her. They had to let her know.

Just say the words, “We love you Mumbai, we do.”

Shiv Sena drapes Kareena

Oh well.

A few questions to this statement by the Shiv Sena chief Jitendra Janawale:

The scene in question is totally against Maharashtra’s Hindu culture. No sooner the posters were put up all over the city, we got lots of complaints from people, esp. from the concerned parents of school children, stating that the said posters were in bad taste. We have anyways issued a strong warning to the filmmakers through the media. We want all the backless posters that have been put all over the city to be removed as soon as possible. Failing which, we shall protest against the film when it releases.” “How are such obscene posters being allowed by the authorities.everal women and children pass by the posters. What effect will it have on them.”

  1. What is Maharashtra’s Hindu Culture?
  2. Is abuse of minors part of “Maharashtra’s Hindu Culture”? If not, shouldn’t you concentrate more on solving this problem rather than carrying out such gimmicks for publicity?
  3. How do you define nudity?
  4. You say “we got lots of complaints from people, esp. from the concerned parents of school children”. Do you keep records of these for us to see?
  5. Can you please do something constructive?

No World Cup matches for Pune

What a sorry, sorry state of affairs. The World Cup cricket returns to India after 1996 and there is no game for Pune.

Nagpur, on the other hand, gets four games. Including some big tickets ones including AUS v NZ and IND v SA  in addition to two smaller games. So where does that leave Pune?

The MCA has done nothing of note to build a stadium worthy of international games in the city. Even recent Ranji Trophy matches have taken place at the Poona Club ground or at the Deccan Gymkhana ground neither of which have seating.

It’s pitiable, but a reflection of what the city is doing to itself. While definitely lacking in basic infrastructure, it is certainly better in support infrastructure (hotels, restaurants etc) than Nagpur. But the basic missing link – a ground – has yet again cost the city.

As Mr Kalmadi, our esteemed MP continues to bungle the CWG2010, the city reels. Sure, building a ground is not his job, but he does have a finger in every pie in the city’s development. Or the lack of it.

Much has been said about this, and it is really pointless crying over this. We will perhaps need to plan to catch the games in Mumbai (the Final is there) or Nagpur. Or maybe Bangalore or Ahmedabad… all accessible. Of course, none closer than a ground in the city, but one can’t live on pipe dreams, now, can one?

Yawn! More broken promises

So what’s new? Plastic bags continue to flourish. More hutments will come up along arterial roads, the CM will change the next time around, the new CM will also make promises and break them like this one did, Mumbai will pay the maximum tax yet again and remain the most sorry city again.

Just another day in the life of Mumbai. Maybe it’s time to stop paying taxes and instead adopt a stretch of road to fix, eh? That way, maybe more could be done…

I’ve been robbed

Late last night (so I assume), my car window was broken (smashed) and my music player panel was stolen. The perps decided nothing else in the car including deo, sunglasses or even CDs were worth their time or effort. So here I am at 7.30 am with a nice hot cup of tea when the building guard notifies me “Sahab, wo gaadi ka kaach toota hai”. Incredulous as my look may have been, he did not even blink and proceeded to report that the said panel was also missing.

Now I have a question as to whether he took it and then reported the break… it’s possible, eh, that only the window was broken and he made the most of an available chance? But then I also found out that another 3-4 cars had suffered a similar fate. Hm. Theory 1 stands unsubstantiated.

Despite all that, the fact is that I have to spend about Rs 1,500 to get the window replaced and get a new panel… that I guess would cost another 2-3 thousand. What a waste.

P.S.: Last year on June 17, my car had an accident (I was driving) that cost me about Rs 10,000. It’s July 20 today. Any ideas? Should I visit an astrologer?