Personal versus private

I know what that headline sounds like. But I don’t mean to get snobbish. However, after reading Rajesh’s post about the need to divide personal and private presences online, I couldn’t agree more. Of course, I am not implying that I have as visible a public persona as Rajesh’s. I am mainly referring to the reasons behind doing something like this.

Friend requests on Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut (which I visit about once a month now) and other such sites are starting to go the SPAM way. With about two new request at least every day, I would have felt happy had some long lost friends found me or a good business opportunity arisen. But as Rajesh points out, there is a place and a time for everything. Thanks to the Internet, time doesn’t matter, but place still does. Continue reading “Personal versus private”

She’s one!

Little over a year ago, I decided I didn’t want to work for anyone. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to ‘create’. I wanted to follow my dream (not entirely sure yet what that is, but I am sure that it involves lot of money). So I quit a nice, exciting job at AOL and picked up a nice, interesting assignment with Mint. Along the way, though, a dream was still alive. It refused to sit back and die down now… I simply had to give her life.

So after five months in Bangalore, working from home and barely making ends meet (tip: don’t buy a car when you’re going to quit your job), I packed up and moved to Pune. Another two months would go before the baby came to life. Almost seven months of talking, planning, and dreaming gave birth to Media Sphere Communications. And today, she turns one. Continue reading “She’s one!”

Bangalore vs Pune

No, no… this isn’t one of those “my city is better than yours” posts. I love both cities. I know Pune better, but I simply love Bangalore. The one year I spent there was brilliant. It is strange that I chose Bangalore to make one of the most monumental career decisions ever. Quit my job and go ‘entrepreneur’.

But this post on Bengalooru Banter reminds me of Bangalore the way I loved it. Those small lanes around Ulsoor opening up into the nice leafy 100ft Road of Indira Nagar and the chaotic, yet resourceful CMH Road.

All that post has done is throw up predicament. I must make another trip to Bangalore. And not one of those flying visits like I had in January.