Been a long time…

Yes, it’s been long. Anyone out there cares? Even if you don’t, I’ll be back soon. Much to be said, shared and shown.

Hang in there. (That’s for me!)

She’s one!

Little over a year ago, I decided I didn’t want to work for anyone. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to ‘create’. I wanted to follow my dream (not entirely sure yet what that is, but I am sure that it involves lot of money). So I quit a nice, exciting job at AOL and picked up a nice, interesting assignment with Mint. Along the way, though, a dream was still alive. It refused to sit back and die down now… I simply had to give her life.

So after five months in Bangalore, working from home and barely making ends meet (tip: don’t buy a car when you’re going to quit your job), I packed up and moved to Pune. Another two months would go before the baby came to life. Almost seven months of talking, planning, and dreaming gave birth to Media Sphere Communications. And today, she turns one. Continue reading “She’s one!”

A month… almost

It’s been almost a month since I last blogged. And I feel bad. But one can’t help it. Much work happening. Not too much to update since last time (except insane workload), but I did get some time off to meet up with a bunch of old colleagues from the Herald. Nice to have seen some people I worked with and some who worked there after me. More of these is a must.

Post that, the biggest plus point of personal life shall come from August 23-29 when I am off for a vacation to Goa. My first in almost two years. Vacation, not Goa trip. I was in Goa in June this year for 1.5 days on business.

Just thought I’d let y’all know that I am alive. And will post some new stuff soon (especially my impressions of “The Enchantress of Florence”; fascinating).

Be good. I am.

Holi… ow!

It’s a lovely time is Holi. The colour, the joy, the revelry… it’s all very enjoyable. It is also good fun if you can get some bhang. Very potent stuff, that. And the effects last long. So Federer lost a Tennis match. Big deal. But that bhang does take effect slowly and lasts long. Much like Felipe Massa’s qualifying run. But I don’t think he’ll win. The bhang does affect hunger as well.

Right now, it’s just clogging my thinking. Evidently.

So I resuscitated my blog

Been meaning to do this for a while now. had suffered. But no more. It’s back and with a cleaner, leaner look and back-end, it shall work better.

Don’t lose the faith!


When the sun rays peep
from between the curtains every morning
they wake up
Only to see everything around me
But not me.

I tried hard
To force them to stare at me
At least for a second
Alas! Everything appears to be an utopian dream.

Throughout the entire day
They seek everything around
But totally ignores me.

They crave that
Visible things external
Forgetting to touch me
The self, within.

My senses.

What my blog tells me every time I look at it… I know. I want to change it… I will… soon.

Poem (c) cyclopseven.

I’ve been robbed

Late last night (so I assume), my car window was broken (smashed) and my music player panel was stolen. The perps decided nothing else in the car including deo, sunglasses or even CDs were worth their time or effort. So here I am at 7.30 am with a nice hot cup of tea when the building guard notifies me “Sahab, wo gaadi ka kaach toota hai”. Incredulous as my look may have been, he did not even blink and proceeded to report that the said panel was also missing.

Now I have a question as to whether he took it and then reported the break… it’s possible, eh, that only the window was broken and he made the most of an available chance? But then I also found out that another 3-4 cars had suffered a similar fate. Hm. Theory 1 stands unsubstantiated.

Despite all that, the fact is that I have to spend about Rs 1,500 to get the window replaced and get a new panel… that I guess would cost another 2-3 thousand. What a waste.

P.S.: Last year on June 17, my car had an accident (I was driving) that cost me about Rs 10,000. It’s July 20 today. Any ideas? Should I visit an astrologer?