Sports reporting and its unfairness

I couldn’t agree more with what Sharda Ugra has to say in this post. Since the start of these Olympics Games and indeed before, I’ve wondered why the Indian media is so trigger happy. It is cruel to say someone ‘crashed out’ of the games without saying when it happened. In these Games, such a headline would perhaps have been fair to Bhupati/Bopanna after all their hue and cry before the left for the UK. But for the other players, I feel it is essential to also take into account what they have gone through to reach the Olympics before declaring their exits as crashes.

Yes, the performances have been far from satisfactory. The hockey team finished at the bottom. The tennis stars couldn’t get home any medals and indeed, their entire campaign was about the bickering that preceded the actual Games. The wrestlers did promise, but as of writing this, only Yogeshwar Dutt has delivered on a medal promise. Saina Nehwal did deliver on her promise, but wasn’t the expected Gold. Still, without knowing what has held these athletes back, it’s unfair to ‘crash’ them out.

So far as I can tell, these headlines get rewritten on the desk after a reporter or wire service has submitted it. Those who use wire headlines are simply lazy and anyways deserve an earful! But, for those on the desk who are ‘crashing’ people out of the Games, it is worth asking what their success story has been thus far… if any. Especially on a global stage. After going through qualification stages.

This perhaps need some sensitizing in the newsroom.

For myself

This is a post more for me than anyone else… a list of things I’ve done recently and would like to blog about… when time permits!

1. Review “The Enchantress of Florence” by Salman Rushdie: He is one of my favourite writers despite his long-drawn and often contrived manner of writing. In many ways, the book doesn’t disappoint, but honestly, it can’t even hold a candle to “Midnight’s Children” and “Shalimar the Clown”.

2. Review “The Dark Knight” by Heath Ledger!: One of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. So good, that I saw it twice in three days! Heath Ledger shall be missed… and I also wish they don’t bring back the Joker again. Continue reading “For myself”

Honey, let’s skip the ad

Watching TV is no longer a simple activity as it was about 15 years ago. Some may argue this is good, others may want the idiot box out of the house. Nonetheless, everyone’s hooked. With the IPL taking shape, domestic fights abound. One of Indian television’s holy trinity: the K serials (aka Saas-Bahu serial killers) have been challenged by none other than cricket; perhaps the more powerful of the trinity (the third would be a toss up between reality shows and movies). And cricket is winning. But that hasn’t brought back peace on the home front. Continue reading “Honey, let’s skip the ad”

What’s up with Tata Sky?

When the whole DTH thing got underway, one thought things were supposed to get easier. The power of choice for the consumer was the biggest bonus for consumers. Alas and alak, that seems like a smokescreen. I know that I, for one, was keen on moving on to the Tata-Sky platform asap and did fight a fair bit for it too! But now, I am having second thoughts.

Initially, it was all clear. I chose a package I wanted and all was well. Regular subscription was paid and I didn’t have to face my cable operator and fight about missing channels every month. But now, Tata-Sky has suddenly decided that I would be better off subscribing to sports channel as a separate package. Er… ok, if you say so.

Continue reading “What’s up with Tata Sky?”