Bottom up or top down?

Which is the best way to ensure prosperity? Work from the ground up or push money down from the top?

This mindblowing video shares some insights into two thought processes by economists and their ideologies.

A must-watch.

Via India Uncut.

Now that’s an announcement!

How would you announce if you were expecting? A phone call? Maybe a short message… or perhaps an email? Some people have a universe-load of creativity and a galaxy full of time!

P.S.: Good chance you didn’t see through till the end of the video. So just to clarify, me and the missus aren’t expecting twins.

Video via Boing Boing.

Paying attention

I’m positive that more people would pay attention to in-flight safety instructions if more instructors dressed up in only body paint. Can’t wait to fly Air New Zealand now. Whenever that happens!